400/1000+3000/8000 / 400/1000 Grit Premium Whetstone Cut Sharpening Stone Sharpen Stone

2 596 ₽
  • Производитель: Banggood


Описание и характеристики

Description:400/1000+3000/8000 / 400/1000 Grit Premium Whetstone Cut Sharpening StoneSpecification:Material: white corundumSize: 180*60*30mmStyle: 400/1000+3000/8000 or 400/1000Material composition: The material is formed by high-temperature crystallization after 1700 high temperature crystallization by ball-milling flotation and then high-temperature sintering. It has the characteristics of good self-sharpness, strong toughness, fast grinding, etc. It is equipped with silicone anti-slip.Package Included:1#:1 xWhetstone(400/1000)2#:1 Set x Whetstone(400/1000+3000/8000)More Details:

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